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About Us


We promote the culture of family partying and power enjoyable and memorable lives by providing top-quality party supplies for families.
Whether you are celebrating your kid’s birthday, honoring an elder’s birthday, making the most of festive occasions, simply throwing a celebration party, or even watching a sports game at home with close friends, we are ready to support you anytime, anywhere, to help you organize a perfect family party with your own hands. From our thoughtfully curated ALL-IN-ONE party tableware sets with various themes, including table covers, napkins, paper plates, paper cups, letter banners, party hats, party blowouts, and balloon centerpieces, to aluminum foil balloons, English letter foil balloon decorations, and piñatas, we provide everything you need for party decorations, venue setups, and related essentials. We have also sourced a variety of high-quality and unique party appetizers and sustainable beverages from across the globe, such as hand-sliced Ibérico acorn ham from Spain, 24 ICE Frozen Cocktails & 0% ALC Mocktails from the Netherlands, and Dolfin real fruit sorbet and granita from Italy, ensuring that your special occasions are graced with exceptional flavors. (Our party appetizers and beverages are currently for sale in Hong Kong only.)

We offer party supplies and related products that not only cultivate the spirit of celebration but also bridge people together, encouraging meaningful interactions and forging lasting friendships. We aspire to break down the glass walls that separate modern individuals, strengthen social bonds between family and friends, and eventually help people lead harmonious, satisfying, and happy lives.

We are always here to help you and your loved ones live well, embracing every wonderful moment.


Founded in 2019 as a vibrant and dynamic brand in Hong Kong, PartyDroid has swiftly emerged as an active and dedicated player in the industry. Although our journey began just a few years ago, our roots run deep, boasting a team with over three decades of combined experience in manufacturing and export sales. Our dedicated team has established itself as a trusted name in the party supply industry, serving the diverse needs of a vast customer base across Europe and North America through partnerships with well-established local retail chains. Starting this year, we have been collaborating with multiple world-renowned licensors to manufacture and sell licensed products, continuously expanding the reach of our supplies.


Trust and Excellence

At the core of our corporate culture lies an unwavering commitment to trust and excellence. We take pride in pursuing a customer-oriented approach and fostering trust and robust relationships with our valued business partners and customers through direct communication and professional service without middlemen.


Our business is underpinned by a dedication to delivering superior and creative products. Our factory, spanning 75,000 square feet, houses a skilled workforce of 150 individuals, ensuring the production of high-quality party supplies. We maintain rigorous standards throughout our standardized production process. Our pre-production team proactively addresses potential issues, minimizing complications. Our products undergo thorough pre-testing in designated international laboratories, ensuring that they not only meet international standards but also secure the necessary certifications, such as US FDA 21CFR 176.170, Chinese National Food Safety Standard QHK20093002, ASTM F963-17, EU CE marking, EN71, LFGB, and UKCA, while our factory has obtained SMETA and BSCI, and has been assessed to be compliant with relevant standards. The paper used in our products is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and the plastic does not contain BPA.



Being a firm believer in sustainability, we continuously strive to make our product development, manufacturing, and packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, reducing the burden on the Earth. Most of our party goods are crafted from recyclable and FSC-certified materials, with minimal use of plastic. What’s more, our packaging materials are entirely plastic-free. We hope our customers can easily and conveniently enjoy the fun of parties and celebrations while embracing an earth-friendly lifestyle.


We not only collaborate with illustrators, designers, writers, and creators from Hong Kong and overseas but also partner with globally renowned licensors to craft and produce a broad spectrum of themed party supply sets and related products and cater to the diverse needs of our customers. These collaborations and partnerships fuel our continuous innovation and ensure customers have access to the latest and most creative options for their celebrations.


We draw strength from our diverse community and strive for social progress. Today, some of our party sets are packaged by workers with disabilities from a sheltered workshop in Hong Kong, as we endorse the idea of the sheltered workshop that advances employment prospects for people with disabilities by providing work training and vocational rehabilitation services. Through the delegation of our packaging procedures to the sheltered workshop, we aim to harness the power of businesses and consumers to empower individuals with disabilities and build an inclusive society. In addition to helping our customers with their parties, we keep on exploring opportunities to share our joy with more members of society.

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