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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

PartyDroid is a creative partyware brand in Hong Kong. We hope to use our exclusive production of partyware packages, exquisite party food and beverages as bridges to nurture close and joyful relationships. A part of our production process has also been relocated from China to Hong Kong, forming a real local brand gradually. At the same time, we are also building a brand with social responsibilities. We seek opportunities for cooperation with different charities, and hope to contribute to our society.

Partydroid Participated In The Suppaw Charity Sale For Stray Animals In Town

By chance, we met the charitable organisation Suppaw, and it was the first time that we cooperated with each other. Suppaw offered us a chance to get to know the poor situation of lots of stray animals in town. Many of them are abandoned and abused by their owners for various reasons, and gradually become afraid of humans. Suppaw is dedicated to helping them, and promotes programs of adoption/sponsoring of stray animals.

Suppaw is an organisation that is dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused stray animals in Hong Kong. Suppaw regularly organises different charity sales activities to help stray animals. We were happy to participate in a live-broadcast charity event hosted by Suppaw earlier, and donated a batch of foil balloons to Suppaw for a charity sale. Animal photos used to print on those foil balloons are dogs and cats in Suppaw. Each of the animals in Suppaw has its story. They showed their kindness and loyalty to their masters. Through this activity, we hope that more helpless stray animals in town could get help and more of us will pay attention to abandoned animals in town.

The organisation Suppaw has changed the lives of many stray animals with actions and gave them hope. At the same time, they provide adoption and sponsorship programs for stray animals, encouraging everyone to adopt and give them a second home with warmth.

We still remember that when the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, it was said that the virus spread through hamsters, causing many people to abandon hamsters. Those hamsters are now like stray animals. They are homeless and we easily spotted some of them at street corners. Suppaw stands up to help them, save them, and let light shine into their lives.

Animals are valuable. Raising a puppy is similar to raising a child. We must be responsible, and don’t give them up carelessly. After this donation, we got to know a lot of information about the adoption of pets. If we choose to adopt pets, not only can we help them get out of trouble, but also be able to raise pets that we love.

Although it is only a small donation, a small action or help, we are touched that this action could help some of the abused and abandoned animals. We truly hope that the Hong Kong public will support the adoption of animals. We believe that pets with tragic experiences are worthy of love, and they deserve to have a happy and warm home.

PartyDroid hopes that people who are interested in raising pets may consider adopting them from charities. That’s one small step for you, one a giant step for stray animals!

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Develop potential and integrate into Society

After donating foil balloons to the Suppaw charity sale for stray animals, we believe that as long as we are willing and able, we can help more people in need. This time, we are happy to get to know a non-profit-making organisation, the Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong. With the assistance of the pastors, the Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong has developed evangelistic ministry and is now a multi-disciplinary Christian organisation, including primary and secondary schools, kindergarten schools, rehabilitation services, and elderly services. After a brief introduction and conversation, we appreciate their concept of rehabilitation services. It is a people-oriented and multi-dimensional rehabilitation model that helps a group of disabled people to develop their potential and integrate into society.

Increase Job Opportunities

Knowing the Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong Sheltered Workshop was a coincidence. We had decided to practise our social responsibility in Hong Kong but couldn’t find a partner. We were waiting for a suitable charity to support. At the same time, in August 2022, we received a promotional email from the Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong Sheltered Workshop cum Hostel. We felt that the opportunity had come and decided to inquire about partnership opportunities.

Since we have more than 20 years of experience working with major North American retailers, they have developed corporate social responsibility. After visiting the sheltered workshop, we found that the business situation is getting difficult.

In recent years, many manual processes were gradually replaced by machines, and the workers gradually lost their jobs. Coupled with the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, most workshops have been suspended.

Build Relationships

After discussion, we decided to work together with the sheltered workshop. Since we work on partyware, birthday decorations and supplies, we offer jobs by assigning the packaging procedures to the sheltered workshop.

A sheltered workshop is a place for people with disabilities and mild to moderate intellectual disabilities to provide job opportunities training, allowing them to develop work habits, develop their talents, and enhance their adaptability through the work process. At the same time, it is a place for them to communicate with people, build relationships and increase their self-confidence.

Support and Help

After consideration, we decided to assign party tableware box packaging to the sheltered workshop, which can not only provide residents of the workshop with job opportunities, but also help building up their self-confidence and get training opportunities, so that they can find their own abilities and help them integrating into the society in the future.The simple process of folding the box, sticking labels, and putting tablewares into the box is actually very difficult for this group of disabled people, but they try their best to do. When they have work to do, they work with a smile on their faces. We are happy that each PartyDroid partyware box now will carry their good attitude and enthusiasm towards their work.

To make it known to the public that the packaging procedures for boxes come from the sheltered workshop, they designed a sticker for the party tableware boxes. The sticker is like a mark, which proves that the boxes packed in the workshop are exquisite and impressive, and at the same time proves that they are just like normal people who can work on simple procedures. In fact, there are many sheltered workshops in Hong Kong to help people with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. We hope that more companies in Hong Kong will support them and allocate some small processes to sheltered workshops to support and help them. A little effort can change them greatly.

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